Back to the Grind

Lately I had been getting the itch to blog and write. About six months ago I deleted my blog, and had come to the conclusion that I just didn’t have enough time on my hands to write on a regular basis. I am now back with a different mindset- one that I don’t feel forced to write if I don’t have anything to say. Unfortunately for me, I always have something to say. My last blog was very fashion-forward and all about the latest trends, which deprived readers of getting to know the real me. True, I LOVE fashion. But I also love travelling, good eats and drinks, cosmetics, learning, hiking, working, animals, among several other things. I decided it was time to start writing again… and this time I was not going to limit my entries to merely just fashion. I would write about whatever is on my mind, and if no one reads, that is fine… it is just nice to put a pen to the paper (or fingers to a keyboard!).


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