Cornfields, Waterfalls, and Log Cabins…OH MY!

Heather’s Ohio trip would never have been complete without showing her the beauty of the state.  Now, this was hard.  Besides cornfields, I wasn’t sure what else Ohio had to offer in terms of scenery.  Then I thought back to this park in Cedarville, OH I used to frequently visit and hike.  It’s super safe, and just stunning in my opinion.  We decided to be our ridculous selves and turn the day in to a funny (and embarrassing) photo shoot.  I think my mom would be proud knowing her 27-year old daughter was wasting away her weekends making fun of senior photo shoots and engagement photos.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Cornfields, Waterfalls, and Log Cabins…OH MY!

  1. Miss Jeanett says:

    Oh that looks nice! Can’t wait to visit the US :)

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