My Favorite November Beauty Products

I know I will redo and add to this post over and over again…but I thought I would share my favorites (for now).  I am very picky when it comes to products, and I will usually NOT recommend products to anyone.  The reason for this is I see sooo many blogs saying “Don’t use this mascara, it sucks”, when in fact, it turns out to be my favorite.  Everyone’s skin, eyelashes, and hair are different.  While I absolutely love reading what works on some people and what products do NOT work on them, I usually don’t base my purchases on these.  The main reason I enjoy reading them is because often enough, I may not know of the product in the first place.  Just seeing someone else use it might make me feel more inclined to buy it ;-)  Here are some of the products I use daily and feel are essential in my routine:

AHAVA Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Purchase it here


My discovery of this AHAVA Gentle Eye Makeup Remover came a bit unexpected.  I have always struggled finding an eye makeup remover that worked and didn’t burn the crap out of my eyes.  I have tried sooo many, including Dermologica, a brand that I happen to use many of their products.  I was on the verge of giving up on finding a good product when I was checking out at Ulta one day and discovered this close to the checkout.  It was only about 24.00 USD, so I gave it a shot.  I now use it every day.

Dermologica Clearing Skin Wash
Purchase it here


I have recently had some uncharacteristic breakouts.  I am 27, and this was definitely a no-go for me.  I hadn’t broken out in years.  Since I love so many of their other products, I turned to Dermologica.  This stuff has worked wonders.  It also gives a slight cooling effect after my face is washed with it.  It has definitely become my staple product lately.  It runs about 49.00 USD for a 16 oz. bottle. 

Rosebud Salve
Purchase it here

  I can’t rave enough about this product.  And I’m sure yall all know what this is.  I use it mainly on my lips during the winter months (ok, who am I to kid you…I use it year round), but also on my cheeks on a windy day.  It is a savior.  As badly as I want to find another product just to try something new, I know it will turn out like previous attempts…I will resort back to what I trust and know works…and that is a 6 dollar tin of Rosebud Salve.

Shiny Happy People Shine Spray Shine from TIGI
Purchase it here


  I became aware of this product through my friend Heather.  While I wasn’t interested in it at first, when she sprayed it, I was immediately won over.  First of all, it smells AMAZING.  I wanted to let the spray drop in my mouth it was so appealing.  Second of all, it actually works!  I have blonde hair, and sometimes blonde hair can look a bit dull or matte.  This product spices my hair up immediately when I spray it on.  Below is a photo of my hair after using this product (take in mind this is hours later, so my face looks shiny too LOL!):

These products have become a part of my daily routine lately, so I thought I would definitely share them with you.  While I am a product whore (yes I said it)…these truly are some of my favorites.


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