Inspiration: CALIFORNIA

Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work and I put my iPod on just as any other morning. The only difference is that yesterday morning, I had a revelation. Sooo many of the songs on my iPod have the word “Hollywood” or “California” in the title. I’m not even kidding. At this time I only have exactly 798 songs on here (some of my TV shows and music videos take up entirely too much space to have anything more). It made me curious to see exactly HOW many songs fit this sector on my iPod, so I decided to check it out and here is what I found:

1)  Back to California: Sugarcult

2 ) California Girls: Katy Perry

3 ) Hollywood: Marina and the Diamonds

4 ) Hollywood: Madonna

5 ) Ella Elle LA: Kate Ryan (I never actually knew this was about LA until I saw the video)

6 ) Hollywood: Hollywood Holt

7 ) Hollywood: Jay-Z (and Beyonce)

8 ) Hollywood Doll: Kaya Jones

9 ) Los Angeles: Sugarcult

10 ) California Bound: Carolina Liar

With that being said, and California on my mind, I decided to throw in a bit of color to my wardrobe (yes…meaning not just blacks and greys today ladies and gentlemen!) and toss my hair around today for a more “beachy” and laid-back look. True, my “pop of color” is a wool scarf, and my hair does not look “beachy”, but rather messy, but I still had fun getting ready for work during that morning.

I’m typically not the biggest fan of California since I’m an east-coast girl through and through, but sometimes it’s fun to let your hair down and brighten up an outfit.  Especially when you have good tunes to inspire you.


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