$19.99 Eye Palette from Ulta

Last night marked my third trip to Ulta since Sunday (that sounds better than saying I had been there three days in a row).  I typically bypass the promo items they have in the front of the store since, quite frankly, I usually own them already or they are Bare Minerals, a brand I just don’t care for.  In my latest trip, however, I came across a colorful palette that I just had to have.  And for only $19.99, I couldn’t find a reason NOT to buy it.  The palette contains the following:

 5 gel eyeliners

60 eyeshadows

24 baked eyeshadows

4 liquid eyeliners

8 eyeliner pencils

5 applicators/brushes

1 eyebrow/eyelash brush and separator


 The names of the eyeshadows were relatively catchy like “Key West” or “City Fog”.  I just couldn’t resist. 

While I love trying new things, this including makeup, I definitely grow loyal towards favorites (this includes brands).  So, in an effort to make the most of this palette, I have decided to do a different look with my eyes for the next few days using the best of what the palette has to offer.


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