Washington D.C.

Thanksgiving break was not long enough, but I am still astounded at how much I did during the time off from work.  My boyfriend came in to town (ok, to the US) from Norway and he had never been to Washington DC.  Since this is virtually my old stomping grounds and a city I am oh-so-familiar-with, I decided it was vital to show him the city. 

We mainly saw the touristy stuff…all of the monuments and of course some of the Smithsonian Museums.  We also got to see some of the government buildings. 

I love going to DC.  Despite missing the east coast and seeing men in suits everywhere, it gives me such a proud feeling being in the nation’s capital.  And being able to show it to a foreigner made it even more special because sometimes as Americans we forget what a significant impact the city of Washington DC has on the rest of the world.


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