Christmas Time in Chicago

My Christmas 2010 was spent in the Windy City.  I almost feel like this is slowly becoming my second home due to the close proximity (okay, 5 hour BORING-AS-HELL-DRIVE) and my best friend being living there.  Every time I am in Chicago, we always have a new adventure.  Usually it consists of doing random things that no one else except Amber and I would appreciate…but I never, ever wind up having a bad time.  

Since the holidays had closed many things down, we had to be extra creative in our attempts to have a good time.  After many hours of watching Tosh.0 reruns and Hoarders (okay…and judge shows…our personal favorite genre of TV), we decided to venture out of Lincoln Square and hit up downtown.  

Of course, nearly EVERYTHING was closed except an ice skating rink and the occasional 7-11.  BUT, being our usual creative selves, we had a better idea.  HOTEL BAR-HOPPING.  This assured we could interact with other human beings, drink, and waste hours away on Christmas Day.  

We only made it to two bars (The Peninsula and The Sofitel), but definitely have a fun time sipping on our $10 beers.  Finally…other bars were opening and we went back to Lincoln Square for some German bar fun.  

I must say, this was the most different of Christmases I have ever had.  No family events, no big family dinners (we ordered Taco Pizza and Chicken Caesar Pizza from Sarpino’s), and no obligations.  And to be quite honest…I liked it, despite missing my family.  But, in TRUE Chicago fashion, it did not fail to deliver on SNOW, which made it difficult to leave the city.

Hope you had a great holiday!


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