Godt nytt år fra Bergen, Norge!

For New Years, I set off to Bergen, Norway to spend it with my boyfriend.  While I wasn’t in the tropics, it was still a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of my typical week.  I had the amazing opportunity to spend New Years Eve with this family and eat some typical Norwegian food, which was actually quite delightful.  I had my first experience with Aquavit, Sheepribs, mashed Kålrabi (I think it might be called kålrabistappe or something??), Julebrus, Red cabbage, all on New Years Eve.  I learned that New Years is the only time in Norway when fireworks are permitted (can you imagine how a law like that would go over in the fireworks capital of the world, the USA???)  And I also learned that Norwegian beer is much heavier and potent than American beer LOL.

Nevertheless, my New Years was quite perfect.  Ideal start to 2011!


4 thoughts on “Godt nytt år fra Bergen, Norge!

  1. Miss Jeanett says:

    So nice that you’re back! I’ve missed your blog and your sweet comments on my blog. So glad to hear that you had a nice new years eve. The beer that the guy in the first picture is holding (your bf maybe?) is actually and danish beer Carlsberg. And yeah they have a lot more alcohol in them than you americans are used too ;)

  2. Miss Jeanett says:

    I hope so too! I enjoy reading your blog – it’s fun to read of your encounters with all the nordic traditions, food, places and such.

    And thank sweety – we did! There pictures from our new years eve in these two blog entries of mine:

  3. Miss Jeanett says:

    And ps. Fireworks are only permitted in the month of december here in Denmark. So it’s a lot like Norway.

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