So Long January….You Will NOT Be Missed!

This month has been ROUGH.  Yes, it may have started off wonderfully with my trip to Norway, but otherwise, it has been downright awful.  Here is what can happen in just one month (okay…a half a month since I was gone the first half of the month):

– Best friend’s brother is home from Afghanistan for two weeks and wrecks her car…

– Therefore, I lend my car to my best friend while hers is getting fixed, and she wrecks mine.  It was a total loss.

– I got really sick for nearly a week and still haven’t fully kicked the cough.

– My one class I was signed up for turned out to be a cohort class I had to test in to, therefore causing me to have to drop it with no other classes to enroll in.  Yet another term behind…UGH.

– It is cold as hell here.  I mean, below zero on many occasions.  My heat bill is OUTRAGEOUS this month.

While this month has sucked big time, I can’t say things are not looking up.  In fact, February will be a kickass time if things play out right.  This coming weekend is Superbowl 45 (Sorry I don’t know my Roman numerals).  I had plane tickets to head down there before I even knew who qualified.  AND…to my delight, my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will be playing.  So, I get to head to Dallas for a little gridiron action and tailgating with one of my very closest friends.  She is currently setting up the stadium for the game and her daily photos are making me extremely anxious and unfocused in my normal routine.

With that being said, I can honestly say I am excited to put January behind me and focus on all the AMAZING things February has to offer!


One thought on “So Long January….You Will NOT Be Missed!

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