A trip to Norway would not have been complete without visiting my friend of nearly 14 years, Marta. Having grown up in the US, global history was not a prevalent subject in grade schools, so my knowledge of Norwegian history was damn near nonexistant. Marta proceeded to take me to Bukkøy, a Viking village near where she currently resides in Haugesund. I was very excited to tour the ruins and summertime reinactment grounds. Here are some of my favorite photos from our time spent at Bukkøy.


9 thoughts on “Bukkøy

  1. Caitlin says:

    that looks like heaven in every way, how gorgeous! the pic of you peeking through the shed is tres cute.

  2. Regine says:

    Love your photos, looks interesting to be there – i havent been there yet! Hope you’re enjoying your stay in Norway:)

  3. I LOVE Haugesund. and esp the cute guys there :p I’ve only been there once tho!
    thank you SO much for the lovely comment on my blog.
    you’ve got a great one too, and I hope you’re enjoying Norway (!!??) :)

  4. Aga says:

    Gorgeous pics! :)


  5. Wait a minute, now I’m freaking out, MY EXCHANGE STUDENT LIVES IN HAUGESUND!! ahhh!!

  6. Katherina says:

    Hey! Thanks for coming along my blog :)
    These pictures are stunning!! I’ve dreamt of going to Norway since I had a crush on a norwegian guy when I was 13. Haven’t made it yet, but is definitely on my list!

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