Is Sleeping Overrated?

When I was younger, someone had told me that you spend at a minimum, one-third of your life sleeping.   Ever since I heard this supposed fact, I vowed to sleep less so I could spend my life LIVING, and not SLEEPING.  But is this even true???  And what good is a person sleep-deprived??

Last night I slept for 11 hours.  Normally, I am lucky to get 6 hours of sleep.  I still have huge bags under my eyes and am using soda to give me a kick start for the day.  I still can’t find that perfect concealer that takes away the constant bags underneath my eyes, so I suspect I always look like a zombie to people.  But maybe those bags are caused by constantly NOT sleeping.  

 I also often fall asleep on my couch, and not my bed.  My bed is most uncomfortable, so it does not seem to bother me.  I never felt the need to buy a nice, expensive, comfortable bed because then it would go against my philosophy of sleeping less.  I figured if I had an uncomfortable bed, I would sleep a lot less.  LOL…  I remember one time at the Wynn/Encore in Las Vegas, I slept my trip away because I couldn’t remove myself from the insanely comfortable bed.  I felt compelled to BUY the bed (they sold them in the Wynn store at the hotel), but realized I could buy too many pairs of shoes for the price of the bed…and decided against it.  

 I know this is complete rambling, but I just wonder if I have been doing myself a disservice by never sleeping, or perhaps if my idea of “living it up and not sleeping it up”, has panned out well for me thus far.  This is just something I have been pondering this morning :-) 


3 thoughts on “Is Sleeping Overrated?

  1. Lisa says:

    I agree, the idea of spending 1/3 of my life asleep is awful… but I have found my life to be much richer when I’m well rested!!! And while concealor will do what it can… it can’t do everything.

  2. Nikosmommy says:

    I never, ever get enough sleep. I could blame it on a hectic family life, but the truth is I’m not disciplined enough to put the book away/turn off the t.v./stop reading blogs/stop online shopping and instead i stay up wayyyy too late every night. It’s my own damn fault. I too have terrible bags under my eyes. The person who can invent a remedy for under eye bags that ACTUALLY WORKS will be worth billions!!

  3. Caitlin says:

    I have been a night owl all my life and it’s really annoying!! Sometimes I quite literally can’t fall asleep even though I should! I personally think it has negatively affected me and I would rather be an early to bed/eraly to rise girl – esp. since I have to be an early to rise no matter what.

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