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Valentine’s Day Part I

I am not totally sure why I am labeling this ‘Valentine’s Day Part I’…apparently I am speculating that there will be a Part II????. But nevertheless, my V-Day will be spent with friends and wearing as much pink and red as I can possibly get ahold of.

Last night one of my best friends made me the most scrumptious dinner I could have possibly had…ever. Soy glazed salmon, spicy asparagus, mashed potatoes, and dessert to die for…Ghiradelli chocolate covered strawberries. I told her I just might move in. While fish is damn nearly the only thing I know how to cook anyways…I am hoping this meal will inspire me to cook more and eat out at restaurants less.

(Sorry for photo quality…forgot the cam and was stuck with my mobile). Do you have any big plans for Valentine’s Day???!


Godt nytt år fra Bergen, Norge!

For New Years, I set off to Bergen, Norway to spend it with my boyfriend.  While I wasn’t in the tropics, it was still a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of my typical week.  I had the amazing opportunity to spend New Years Eve with this family and eat some typical Norwegian food, which was actually quite delightful.  I had my first experience with Aquavit, Sheepribs, mashed Kålrabi (I think it might be called kålrabistappe or something??), Julebrus, Red cabbage, all on New Years Eve.  I learned that New Years is the only time in Norway when fireworks are permitted (can you imagine how a law like that would go over in the fireworks capital of the world, the USA???)  And I also learned that Norwegian beer is much heavier and potent than American beer LOL.

Nevertheless, my New Years was quite perfect.  Ideal start to 2011!