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Makeup Brush Cleansing Tutorial

For the longest time, I thought makeup brush sprays and soaps were getting the job done.  I washed my brushes weekly and yes, some of the makeup particles removed themselves from my brushes, but little did I know how much was truly left on and in my brushes.  

 It wasn’t until one day when I ran out of brush sprays and soaps that I decided to look for an alternative.  I had previously bought this Dermologica soothing eye makeup remover gel to remove eye makeup, but I did not like it at all.  I never threw it out because I paid decent money for it.  I decided to give this a shot as a brush cleanser for the time being, until I could make it to the store to purchase more brush spray.  I mean, if something removes makeup from your eyes, wouldn’t it remove it from a makeup brush too??

 Well, it did way more than just remove the particles from my brushes…it made them brand new again.  I’m not even kidding.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.  It look me over one hour to initially clean these brushes because there was so much residue left in them from previous attempts at cleaning.  I didn’t even know they were that filthy!  Granted, blush brushes and eyeshadow brushes were not where I noticed the difference…it was the foundation and concealer ones.  This stuff is a MIRACLE.  I figured I should share what I do with yall…and I promise, if you’re not already using something similar, you should give it a try… you will be amazed at how clean your brushes ARE NOT.

Below is a photo of my brushes before washing (especially the foundation brushes…):

After collecting all of my brushes that need cleansing, I gather the two products I use to clean them.  The first is the Dermologica product I just discussed, as well as a Trish McEvoy Brush Bath (more or less just a brush soap):

Step 1:  Fill the sink up with super hot water and a squirt of the brush bath.  They always say NOT to soak brushes, but I do anyways.  It makes all of the residue looser and easier to remove when I start cleaning them.  I normally soak them for about 30 minutes.

Step 2:  After they are done soaking, I leave them in the water and wash one by one.  What I do is squirt a dime size portion o the Dermologica in my palm and begin to rub the brush around in it.  This is where you will initially see how dirty your brushes truly were! 

Step 3:  Basically is continuing to do this over and over until no more residue or makeup is coming off of the brush.  If this is the first time you’ve washed your brushes like this, it could take up to 10 minutes per brush … no joke.  Also, I hope you do a better job at keeping your finger nails painted than I do…pretty disgusting huh?!

Step 4:  Rinse the brushes very well and lay them all flat to dry.  I would suggest at least giving them 10 hours + to dry afterwards because of the time you let them soak.

The difference in the cleanliness of your brushes will be incredibely noticable.  It is hard to depict that via photos, but you may be able to see the result:

Good luck :-)  This may not have been helpful to any of you, but I can tell you, I swear by this method.  I usually wash my brushes every Sunday night (or in this weeks case, Wednesday night). 

Have a great day!


Duo Eyelash Adhesive

So I know it’s been done before…but I am going to do it again.  I can not rave ENOUGH about this product.  

I often wear fake eyelashes when I am too lazy to put mascara on my real ones.  Yes, it actually takes me way less time to apply false eyelashes than it does mascara.  I also love the effect I get from falsies…  Well,  I can’t live without this product.  

The other day I had fake eyelashes on for nearly two days straight.  I was in and out of airports, did not have time to shower (EW…I know…), I never slept, and I had on a pair of fakes the whole time.  By the end of this time, my face was a greasepit and I thought for sure that the eyelashes had slid or were slowly coming off, only to look in the mirror and realize they were in the exact same place I had applied them. Perfection!  This product has over and over proved it’s awesomeness to me, but this time it really came through.

You can purchase it here for $8 USD.  I do not buy the black, but rather the white that dries clear.  I wish I had a photo of the eyelashes, but my face was so nasty, greasy, and smudged makeup that I just deemed it completely inappropriate to have taken a photo =)

Benefit’s Bella Bamba

Obsessed.  That really is the only word I can use to describe my new addiction to this stuff.  I bought it kind of on a whim, really.  I was looking unusually pale (ok, so it seems to be the norm right now…) as I was Christmas shopping yesterday and swung by the Benefit counter only to be persuaded into trying this stuff on.  Not really paying too much attention, I let the makeup girl dazzle my cheeks with this and BOOM!  A new relationship was formed.  Bella Bamba brightened me up immediately.  I had never had a blush/bronzer liven me up so quickly and I soon found out this was a 3D effect blush.  I applied this on my own today and was equally impressed with the results.  You can purchase the product for $28 at Sephora.  I hear many of the actual locations are sold out currently… but I don’t feel that bad because many of those people who are waiting on this product are probably the same ones who bought up all of the Urban Decay Naked palettes which I can’t seem to get my hands on!

YSL Rouge Volupte no. 8

Lately I have been on the hunt for a good pink lipstick.  I have tried so many, but most have been too light for my complexion, giving me a bimbo-like type look.  I recently was in Nordstrom and was testing out some new YSLs when I came across no. 8: Fetish Pink.  I fell in love.  Of course, since it was a product I was prepared to buy on the spot, they were out-of-stock besides the one tester tube.  So, I ordered it online instead.  It finally came, and I thought I’d share the results as I have been bored sitting at home sick all day and thought I’d be silly and semi-productive for once. 


$19.99 Eye Palette from Ulta

Last night marked my third trip to Ulta since Sunday (that sounds better than saying I had been there three days in a row).  I typically bypass the promo items they have in the front of the store since, quite frankly, I usually own them already or they are Bare Minerals, a brand I just don’t care for.  In my latest trip, however, I came across a colorful palette that I just had to have.  And for only $19.99, I couldn’t find a reason NOT to buy it.  The palette contains the following:

 5 gel eyeliners

60 eyeshadows

24 baked eyeshadows

4 liquid eyeliners

8 eyeliner pencils

5 applicators/brushes

1 eyebrow/eyelash brush and separator


 The names of the eyeshadows were relatively catchy like “Key West” or “City Fog”.  I just couldn’t resist. 

While I love trying new things, this including makeup, I definitely grow loyal towards favorites (this includes brands).  So, in an effort to make the most of this palette, I have decided to do a different look with my eyes for the next few days using the best of what the palette has to offer.