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Stockholm, Sweden

I have been awful with blogging lately as I have been considering a move to another city (well, I guess I’m beginning to look for jobs, so we’ll see where that takes me).  Hopefully I can get my mojo back and start to update more frequently.

These photos are just some randoms from when I was in Stockholm, Sweden last month.  I did not spend much time there, but I can say it was gorgeous, the people were nice, and it was cold as crap.  Please don’t mind the quality of the photos as I was playing around with a new app on my iPad and decided to pretend to be fancy with colors LOL!

I hope you’re having a fabulous week!


Flåm, Norway

Another detour we took in Norway was to Flåm…a gorgeous town nestled in the mountains.  It was probably my favorite place visited based on beauty, although there was not much there.  I do remember stepping out of the car and slipping on ice and was unable to gain control of my step…which left me bruised to pieces, but otherwise, it was a gorgeous detour!

Skudeneshavn, Norway

It’s quite sad that I stil haven’t posted all I have wanted to post from Norway and Sweden, but I am getting there!

My friend, Marta, took me to a coastal summer town called Skudeneshavn when I visited her. While the frigid temperatures prohibited us from doing alot, we still were able to walk around and see a few sights. I must say I was quite impressed by the beauty of this town in the winter and can only imagine what it looks like in the summer!

The Season is Coming to an End…

Everyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for football (American football).  I have enjoyed the sport since I was a kid, and although I have never played, LOL, that does not stop me from being a huge fan of my teams and spending a good chunk of my time watching and going to games during the season.  And while most of yall do not care, this weekend will be a bittersweet experience for me.  It is officially the LAST football game of the season, the Super Bowl.  I will be heading down to Dallas, Texas for it and my Steelers are playing in it, but it leaves me sad that football is done until later this year.  I figured this would be a good time to reflect on all the fun I had this year either watching or working football games, college and professional.  Adios…until August at least ;-)


A trip to Norway would not have been complete without visiting my friend of nearly 14 years, Marta. Having grown up in the US, global history was not a prevalent subject in grade schools, so my knowledge of Norwegian history was damn near nonexistant. Marta proceeded to take me to Bukkøy, a Viking village near where she currently resides in Haugesund. I was very excited to tour the ruins and summertime reinactment grounds. Here are some of my favorite photos from our time spent at Bukkøy.

It’s Always Sunny in Bergen

Not really.  Everyday I was there except one was cloudy/rainy/snowy.  But, I did get one full day of sunshine.  Luckily, I got to sightsee a little that day (we did more on other days, which I will post later).  Despite it being the middle of winter and my hands being close to frozen, the city was breathtaking.

Godt nytt år fra Bergen, Norge!

For New Years, I set off to Bergen, Norway to spend it with my boyfriend.  While I wasn’t in the tropics, it was still a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of my typical week.  I had the amazing opportunity to spend New Years Eve with this family and eat some typical Norwegian food, which was actually quite delightful.  I had my first experience with Aquavit, Sheepribs, mashed Kålrabi (I think it might be called kålrabistappe or something??), Julebrus, Red cabbage, all on New Years Eve.  I learned that New Years is the only time in Norway when fireworks are permitted (can you imagine how a law like that would go over in the fireworks capital of the world, the USA???)  And I also learned that Norwegian beer is much heavier and potent than American beer LOL.

Nevertheless, my New Years was quite perfect.  Ideal start to 2011!

Christmas Time in Chicago

My Christmas 2010 was spent in the Windy City.  I almost feel like this is slowly becoming my second home due to the close proximity (okay, 5 hour BORING-AS-HELL-DRIVE) and my best friend being living there.  Every time I am in Chicago, we always have a new adventure.  Usually it consists of doing random things that no one else except Amber and I would appreciate…but I never, ever wind up having a bad time.  

Since the holidays had closed many things down, we had to be extra creative in our attempts to have a good time.  After many hours of watching Tosh.0 reruns and Hoarders (okay…and judge shows…our personal favorite genre of TV), we decided to venture out of Lincoln Square and hit up downtown.  

Of course, nearly EVERYTHING was closed except an ice skating rink and the occasional 7-11.  BUT, being our usual creative selves, we had a better idea.  HOTEL BAR-HOPPING.  This assured we could interact with other human beings, drink, and waste hours away on Christmas Day.  

We only made it to two bars (The Peninsula and The Sofitel), but definitely have a fun time sipping on our $10 beers.  Finally…other bars were opening and we went back to Lincoln Square for some German bar fun.  

I must say, this was the most different of Christmases I have ever had.  No family events, no big family dinners (we ordered Taco Pizza and Chicken Caesar Pizza from Sarpino’s), and no obligations.  And to be quite honest…I liked it, despite missing my family.  But, in TRUE Chicago fashion, it did not fail to deliver on SNOW, which made it difficult to leave the city.

Hope you had a great holiday!

Philadelphia, PA

There are so many trips I have yet to blog about, and I am slowly getting them on here (hell, some are from this summer still!).  My trip to Philadelphia was a short overnight extravaganza.  We stuck to the main tourist attractions and the things that make Philadelphia so well known (my boyfriend is from Norway). 

The night we arrived we stayed up in the Bensalem area and ate at a wonderful little Italian joint called “Calabrisella“.  They had some of the best New York style pizza I have had in a long time. 

The next day we toured the historical sites and of course, the Rocky Stairs (otherwise known as the Philadelphia Museum of Art).  All in all, I was highly impressed.  I have been to Philly more times than any sane person should travel to a city, but I have never done the “tourist” attractions. 

Washington D.C.

Thanksgiving break was not long enough, but I am still astounded at how much I did during the time off from work.  My boyfriend came in to town (ok, to the US) from Norway and he had never been to Washington DC.  Since this is virtually my old stomping grounds and a city I am oh-so-familiar-with, I decided it was vital to show him the city. 

We mainly saw the touristy stuff…all of the monuments and of course some of the Smithsonian Museums.  We also got to see some of the government buildings. 

I love going to DC.  Despite missing the east coast and seeing men in suits everywhere, it gives me such a proud feeling being in the nation’s capital.  And being able to show it to a foreigner made it even more special because sometimes as Americans we forget what a significant impact the city of Washington DC has on the rest of the world.