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Blog Help!!!

AGH I need yall’s help!  I HATE MY BLOG.  I used to blog at Blogger and liked it and found it very user friendly…but now over here at WordPress I hate it.  I can’t add plug-ins, Google Friend Connect, anything…  UGH.  I don’t want to have to change my domain name, but I am getting to the point where I am very tempted.  WordPress won’t even let me export my blog to Blogger!  Can anyone help?  What I am looking for is the following:

– I need to export my blog to another domain.  I am unable to do this on WordPress…I think?

– I need a new design!  This is sooo boring and blah, and I am actually anything but boring and blah!

If you know names or companies that can help (yes, I will actually pay…), please let me know!  Thanks for your help! 



Britney Spears: Premiere TONIGHT!

I have been waiting well over a year for a new Britney song, let alone video! And tonight is the night! Britney will debut her full video for “Hold it Against Me” at 9:55 EST on MTV. Yayyyyyyyyyy! Based on the teasers, it looks good! So over Gaga’s antics and need Britney back in my life! Are you guys Britney fans??

Be Mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I was surprised at work from my honey with these lovelies:

It was such a nice surprise, especially given that where he is from is not as overzealous about this holiday as we are in the US.  I hope yall had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and are able to spend it with friends or that someone special :-)

Nothing Says I am a Loser More Than…

A Party Bus pulling up outside your apartment on a Saturday night as you are sitting on the couch with your dog doing this:

Ohhh yes, my Saturday night is spent with Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Secret Garden, and The Little Princess and over 8 candles lit in my living room.

Party Bus has been parked outside for at least thirty minutes and is on their third Rihanna song. You would think they would at least feel bad for me and throw me a free beer?

Is Sleeping Overrated?

When I was younger, someone had told me that you spend at a minimum, one-third of your life sleeping.   Ever since I heard this supposed fact, I vowed to sleep less so I could spend my life LIVING, and not SLEEPING.  But is this even true???  And what good is a person sleep-deprived??

Last night I slept for 11 hours.  Normally, I am lucky to get 6 hours of sleep.  I still have huge bags under my eyes and am using soda to give me a kick start for the day.  I still can’t find that perfect concealer that takes away the constant bags underneath my eyes, so I suspect I always look like a zombie to people.  But maybe those bags are caused by constantly NOT sleeping.  

 I also often fall asleep on my couch, and not my bed.  My bed is most uncomfortable, so it does not seem to bother me.  I never felt the need to buy a nice, expensive, comfortable bed because then it would go against my philosophy of sleeping less.  I figured if I had an uncomfortable bed, I would sleep a lot less.  LOL…  I remember one time at the Wynn/Encore in Las Vegas, I slept my trip away because I couldn’t remove myself from the insanely comfortable bed.  I felt compelled to BUY the bed (they sold them in the Wynn store at the hotel), but realized I could buy too many pairs of shoes for the price of the bed…and decided against it.  

 I know this is complete rambling, but I just wonder if I have been doing myself a disservice by never sleeping, or perhaps if my idea of “living it up and not sleeping it up”, has panned out well for me thus far.  This is just something I have been pondering this morning :-) 

10 Random Facts

I thought it was time to get a bit more personal on here and share 10 random facts about me…so here goes!

1. I used to be in the US Air Force for four years.

2. I have two sisters that are younger than me, but super close in age with me. One is an ICU nurse in State College, PA, and the other is a student in Kutztown, PA.

3. My boyfriend is from Norway…which is part of the reason I read many Norwegian blogs. Since I am trying to learn the language, it has been so helpful to read blogs that are in Norwegian. It doesn’t hurt that these Norwegian bloggers are super fashionable and adorable, either!

4. I can NOT cook anything besides seafood…but I am learning!

5. I feel weird if I do not use a primer or booster underneath my mascara. Truth be told, it will bother the hell outta me all day!

6. I enjoy going to the movies or out to dinner by myself.

7. My biggest fear is vomit LOL. I know that is weird, but it has been my fear since I was like 5. My second biggest fear is a small, confined space. It takes me out of my comfort zone big time.

8. I am trying to love wine, but I truly do not know the difference between box wine and a bottle that costs $400. But, on the contrary, I am a beer snob.

9. I can only use Heinz ketchup. I will go without if a place has anything other than Heinz.

10. My favorite flowers are sunflowers. They always make me smile.

So Long January….You Will NOT Be Missed!

This month has been ROUGH.  Yes, it may have started off wonderfully with my trip to Norway, but otherwise, it has been downright awful.  Here is what can happen in just one month (okay…a half a month since I was gone the first half of the month):

– Best friend’s brother is home from Afghanistan for two weeks and wrecks her car…

– Therefore, I lend my car to my best friend while hers is getting fixed, and she wrecks mine.  It was a total loss.

– I got really sick for nearly a week and still haven’t fully kicked the cough.

– My one class I was signed up for turned out to be a cohort class I had to test in to, therefore causing me to have to drop it with no other classes to enroll in.  Yet another term behind…UGH.

– It is cold as hell here.  I mean, below zero on many occasions.  My heat bill is OUTRAGEOUS this month.

While this month has sucked big time, I can’t say things are not looking up.  In fact, February will be a kickass time if things play out right.  This coming weekend is Superbowl 45 (Sorry I don’t know my Roman numerals).  I had plane tickets to head down there before I even knew who qualified.  AND…to my delight, my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will be playing.  So, I get to head to Dallas for a little gridiron action and tailgating with one of my very closest friends.  She is currently setting up the stadium for the game and her daily photos are making me extremely anxious and unfocused in my normal routine.

With that being said, I can honestly say I am excited to put January behind me and focus on all the AMAZING things February has to offer!


Ugh. So I swore when I started this blog back up that I would NOT take frequent blog breaks and would be much better with updates…well I have failed miserably.

BUT…I am back and excited to post what I have been up to lately.

My life has been a whirlwind of chaos and travel lately. 2011 has started off with a bang, and I can’t say all of it has been good…but I am quite certain things are already looking up for February.

For Christmas, I took off for Chicago to visit my best friend and spend the holidays with her. Definitely a fun adventure and lots of hotel bar hopping (c’mon…what else is open on Christmas Day!??). At the end of December I took off for Norway (and a mini-trip to Sweden) and stayed there just short of two weeks. And now, I am dealing with the saga of my car being totaled by my friend when I was out of the country. It was not her fault, but her and I have a lot of paperwork and crap to deal with because of it.

So, while things have been eventful, I can’t say it has really gotten me down. With that being said…HAPPY 2011! I’ll post a lot more regarding my recent adventures VERY SOON :-)

‘Tis the Season…

For paying expensive speeding tickets!  UGH!

With the payment fees, this dang thing came out to be over $200!  Merry Christmas to me (and to all of my friends who are now not receiving Christmas gifts!).  Thanks Ashland, KY cops. 

Sick Day :-(

It was bound to happen.  I have again spread myself too thin and am sick.  I left work early today and have planted my butt on the couch with the remote control in hand.  No matter how much Vitamin C I take, I still manage to get sick after so many weekends of being out of town traveling.  I believe I will spend my weekend trying to make this blog a bit better.  In that case, I better get started now! 

Have a great weekend!