Is Sleeping Overrated?

When I was younger, someone had told me that you spend at a minimum, one-third of your life sleeping.   Ever since I heard this supposed fact, I vowed to sleep less so I could spend my life LIVING, and not SLEEPING.  But is this even true???  And what good is a person sleep-deprived??

Last night I slept for 11 hours.  Normally, I am lucky to get 6 hours of sleep.  I still have huge bags under my eyes and am using soda to give me a kick start for the day.  I still can’t find that perfect concealer that takes away the constant bags underneath my eyes, so I suspect I always look like a zombie to people.  But maybe those bags are caused by constantly NOT sleeping.  

 I also often fall asleep on my couch, and not my bed.  My bed is most uncomfortable, so it does not seem to bother me.  I never felt the need to buy a nice, expensive, comfortable bed because then it would go against my philosophy of sleeping less.  I figured if I had an uncomfortable bed, I would sleep a lot less.  LOL…  I remember one time at the Wynn/Encore in Las Vegas, I slept my trip away because I couldn’t remove myself from the insanely comfortable bed.  I felt compelled to BUY the bed (they sold them in the Wynn store at the hotel), but realized I could buy too many pairs of shoes for the price of the bed…and decided against it.  

 I know this is complete rambling, but I just wonder if I have been doing myself a disservice by never sleeping, or perhaps if my idea of “living it up and not sleeping it up”, has panned out well for me thus far.  This is just something I have been pondering this morning :-) 


Yes Please.

Thanks again, Asos!  You have done it again… :-)  You can buy this playsuit from Mango at Asos (and get free shipping anywhere in the world) here.  I love the fact that I can wear this for a dressy night on the town, or even during the day with a pair of flat sandals.  So versatile…just what I need for the spring!

Have a great night!

Skudeneshavn, Norway

It’s quite sad that I stil haven’t posted all I have wanted to post from Norway and Sweden, but I am getting there!

My friend, Marta, took me to a coastal summer town called Skudeneshavn when I visited her. While the frigid temperatures prohibited us from doing alot, we still were able to walk around and see a few sights. I must say I was quite impressed by the beauty of this town in the winter and can only imagine what it looks like in the summer!

Duo Eyelash Adhesive

So I know it’s been done before…but I am going to do it again.  I can not rave ENOUGH about this product.  

I often wear fake eyelashes when I am too lazy to put mascara on my real ones.  Yes, it actually takes me way less time to apply false eyelashes than it does mascara.  I also love the effect I get from falsies…  Well,  I can’t live without this product.  

The other day I had fake eyelashes on for nearly two days straight.  I was in and out of airports, did not have time to shower (EW…I know…), I never slept, and I had on a pair of fakes the whole time.  By the end of this time, my face was a greasepit and I thought for sure that the eyelashes had slid or were slowly coming off, only to look in the mirror and realize they were in the exact same place I had applied them. Perfection!  This product has over and over proved it’s awesomeness to me, but this time it really came through.

You can purchase it here for $8 USD.  I do not buy the black, but rather the white that dries clear.  I wish I had a photo of the eyelashes, but my face was so nasty, greasy, and smudged makeup that I just deemed it completely inappropriate to have taken a photo =)

Tailgating Fun in Dallas, Texas

To not tailgate at a football game would be sooo going against being an American…so obviously all pregame activities took place around the Cowboys stadium. The result of the game was not as I had hoped, but, I did have quite a great time with good friends!

OOTD: Friday

YEAAAA!  Go Steelers!  Happy weekend yall! <3

10 Random Facts

I thought it was time to get a bit more personal on here and share 10 random facts about me…so here goes!

1. I used to be in the US Air Force for four years.

2. I have two sisters that are younger than me, but super close in age with me. One is an ICU nurse in State College, PA, and the other is a student in Kutztown, PA.

3. My boyfriend is from Norway…which is part of the reason I read many Norwegian blogs. Since I am trying to learn the language, it has been so helpful to read blogs that are in Norwegian. It doesn’t hurt that these Norwegian bloggers are super fashionable and adorable, either!

4. I can NOT cook anything besides seafood…but I am learning!

5. I feel weird if I do not use a primer or booster underneath my mascara. Truth be told, it will bother the hell outta me all day!

6. I enjoy going to the movies or out to dinner by myself.

7. My biggest fear is vomit LOL. I know that is weird, but it has been my fear since I was like 5. My second biggest fear is a small, confined space. It takes me out of my comfort zone big time.

8. I am trying to love wine, but I truly do not know the difference between box wine and a bottle that costs $400. But, on the contrary, I am a beer snob.

9. I can only use Heinz ketchup. I will go without if a place has anything other than Heinz.

10. My favorite flowers are sunflowers. They always make me smile.

The Season is Coming to an End…

Everyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for football (American football).  I have enjoyed the sport since I was a kid, and although I have never played, LOL, that does not stop me from being a huge fan of my teams and spending a good chunk of my time watching and going to games during the season.  And while most of yall do not care, this weekend will be a bittersweet experience for me.  It is officially the LAST football game of the season, the Super Bowl.  I will be heading down to Dallas, Texas for it and my Steelers are playing in it, but it leaves me sad that football is done until later this year.  I figured this would be a good time to reflect on all the fun I had this year either watching or working football games, college and professional.  Adios…until August at least ;-)


A trip to Norway would not have been complete without visiting my friend of nearly 14 years, Marta. Having grown up in the US, global history was not a prevalent subject in grade schools, so my knowledge of Norwegian history was damn near nonexistant. Marta proceeded to take me to Bukkøy, a Viking village near where she currently resides in Haugesund. I was very excited to tour the ruins and summertime reinactment grounds. Here are some of my favorite photos from our time spent at Bukkøy.

Black Ice

Today I woke up to a sheet of ice.  The weathermen predicted it, but I was hoping for a bit more so I could get the day off of work.  That didn’t happen, but it did inspire me to think of all things black or/and shiny, hence this post. 

I hope you have nicer weather than we have here!

Blaque Label Dynamite Black Leather Dress from

MOTO Black Boyshorts from  

Pepe Jeans Leather Tulip Skirt from

Holling Necklace from